Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaker


Meet the Leading Female Motivational Speaker from New Jersey, Coach Lisa M Charles…. She is the Founder of Embrace Your Fitness®, LLC and Creator of Innovative programming – Embrace Your Excellence

Coach Lisa M Charles is known for her transformational talks that enable participants tame and transform negative self-talk and turn it into a wellness and success tool.

Coach Lisa helps you –

Explore your Inner Core

  • What does and doesn’t define who you are
  • Your deepest beliefs, talents, passions, hopes, desires, wishes

Tame Negative Thoughts

  1. Acknowledge their existence without denial
  2. Listen with a critical ear
  3. Listen for inconsistences in what you tell yourself
  4. Listen for illogical / irrational / emotional reasoning
  5. Listen for incomplete / false arguments
  6. Prepare to dissect the repetitive arguments
  7. Accept the truth – Forgive and Embrace the REAL YOU!

Transform Self Talk

  1. 1. Build a case for change
  2. Acknowledge areas of improvements / growth
  3. Turn the negative statements around

With simple tools like diaphragmatic breathing, committing to move your body, eating that nourishes you, beginning each day with a positive thought and more, Lisa empowers you to believe in yourself and your power to change – to LIVE BY YOUR PASSIONS!