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Bringing health and wellness directly to the workplace!

In addition to personal training (Link to personal training page on site), Embrace your Fitness can bring health and wellness training and consulting directly to your office or corporate event/outing. This can be part of an internal initiative, done on premises, or as part of an external event or promotion.

Corporate clients typically hire us for:

  • Ongoing Employee FitnessTraining Programs
  • Fitness Events
  • Office Parties
  • Corporate Picnics
  • Festivals, street fairs

Every corporate program is customized according to need, and shaped based on space availability and personal health challenges. We bring all of the necessary fitness equipment to your business or event at no added expense.

In short, a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Regular exercise is proven to improve health and overall productivity in a work environment. We can get your employees active with our fun and exhilarating business training programs!

Click here to see videos of Lisa in action at a corporate event.

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