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Welcome to Embrace Your Fitness, LLC! I share my personal story with you here in the hopes that it inspires you on multiple levels.

My career started in a somewhat traditional fashion. I received an undergraduate degree from Tufts University, followed by a law degree from George Washington University. I was quickly on a fast track, starting as an Assistant District Attorney in Kings County, Brooklyn, and ultimately becoming an Assistant Federal Prosecutor and Civil Rights Coordinator for the District of NJ. In this role I traveled the country, giving speeches on behalf of the Attorney General on issues civil rights and trial practice.

Then, I took the big risk. Though I loved the legal realm, I had always dreamed of being onstage. In the true spirit of “carpe diem,” I left law to pursue singing and acting full time. And I succeeded! Prominent roles that were once a dream suddenly became a reality: Singing at Carnegie Hall, performing onstage at a variety of off-Broadway theaters in NYC as well as acting roles on television. And then, I lost it. My voice, that is. . .

Losing my voice was an incredible setback. It forced me to pause, and take stock of what was truly important in life. This period of introspection led me to experience a game-changing epiphany. I realized that I needed to devote a lot more attention and energy to health and wellness. I needed to lose weight permanently, focus on nutrition, and embrace fitness, both inside and out.

In dramatic fashion, I changed my lifestyle. I established a new regimen of healthy eating and daily exercise. I embarked on a glorious two-year journey where I lost over 77 pounds, and rediscovered what it means to be healthy. And then I took it to the next level: I got my certifications in Group Fitness and Personal Training, and started teaching others how to change.

For some, fitness is a chore. For me, it’s become a passion unlike anything else. It breathes life into my soul, and wakes me up every morning with a mission: to help as many people as I can to live healthier, more active lives. This mindset has become the foundation for my company. Click here to learn more about Embrace Your Fitness LLC, what we do, and how we do it. I look forward to partnering with you as you embark on your upcoming health/fitness initiative!


I am a NETA and AFFA certified Group X instructor; a certified nutritionist; a Roboudologist (small trampoline); Jumpsport (jump roping); NETA certified Personal Trainer; Zumba Instructor (Basic, Basic 2, Toning, Gold, Zumbatomic, and Sentao). I am TRX qualified and Tabata boot camp certified.

Types of Classes:

In addition to all forms of Zumba, I teach Total Body Fitness, Tabata Boot Camp, Cardio Weights, and Stress Management/Meditation/Stretching, as well as Core classes. I love Rebounding and Rebounding with weights, as well as TRX.

Fitness Resume

Why Fitness:

I got started in fitness as a way to tackle my personal weight challenge. When I began taking Zumba classes, I was some 75 lbs heavier. Through both study and training, I successfully lost my weight and became committed to living a healthy lifestyle. I believe in a balanced approach to fitness. A healthy lifestyle includes a regular workout routine involving cardio and weight training along with an eating regimen that includes all the food groups. Moderation is key.

Words of Wisdom:

Love yourself. Be kind to yourself. No matter what your weight or fitness challenge, only say nice and encouraging things to yourself. Remember, you have only one body – so take good care of it and it will take good care of you.