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By: Lisa Charles, Fitness Trainer


Step 1:  Place that bikini in a prominent position within your closet.   It should be the first item of clothing you see when you enter your closet and the last item you encounter as you shut the closet door.  Use that bikini as a Reminder of your goal and the prize that awaits you, as well as a Motivator to stay focused!!


Step 2:  Use Total Bodyweight Training Routines to help sculpt your abs, glutes, arms, legs and back. Weight training can yield great dividends on overall Body transformation. 


 Start with these Exercises and begin to reap the many benefits that body weight training can provide:


  1. Glute bridges

The Glute bridges activate the glute muscles while stretching the back and improving hip flexibility.  Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. While resting your head on the floor, slowly raise the hips as high as you can and squeeze the gluts at the top. Hold that position for 5 seconds and slowly lower ½ way to the floor. Repeat 10 reps.


  1. Squat

The Squat will improve hip flexibility and stretch the legs.

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and bend knees until the thighs rest on the calves. Make sure the heels are resting on the floor and the knees never pass the toes.  Hold this position for 20 seconds then slowly rise. Repeat this movement 10 times. Hold weights to create more intensity.


  1. Plank

The Planks strengthen your abs, shoulders and the gluts.

Start by lying’ abs down’ on the floor resting on your forearms. The body should be on a straight line from head to heels. Rise up by rolling back on the toes and squeeze the gluts to help prevent the hips from sinking. Hold this position or as long as you can. The more you plank  — the longer you will be able to hold it – 4 minutes here we come.


  1. d. Push-ups

The Push up work the chest, shoulders and arms.

Start with the hands shoulder-width apart. Lower the body until the chest touches the floor — then raise your body back to starting position. Do as many push ups as you can daily.

Target different muscles by varying the hand grip variations. Wide grip push-ups target the shoulders, while close grip push-ups target the triceps.


Step 3:  Pick a weekly time to try on that bikini.  It will keep you motivated and focused on your goal. Whenever you are veering onto the path of bad choices – try that bikini on – and get back on the path to change.  Create a ‘Run Way’ day.  Try that bikini on for friends and family.  Watch the work you will put in to prepare for Run Way day.


Step 4:  Fight the Forces of Inner and Outer Negativity.


Negative thoughts – ideas – messages can come from within and without.  Inner insecurities can lead you down the path of bad choices.  Likewise – outer words spoken by family – co-workers – friends – colleagues – even strangers can send you into a negative space.


When those moments happen, recall these words from William Ernest Henly’s Invictus… ‘ I am the master of my fate…. I am the captain of my soul’ Always remember – your actions or inactions effect you and only you! Don’t let negativity take you away from your moment of personal growth or your momentum to achieve your goals.


Start Today – Stay Free – Stay Focused — and – Enjoy your bikini body!!